Q: How do I move a chart from my inventory to my journal?
A: Open the chart and then tap the Add to Journal button.   This will create a new journal entry with all the chart information.  Make any tweaks to the information and then save it.  Some users like to delete the chart from their inventory once they create a Journal entry.  You can do this by editing the chart and tapping the Delete button.  Of course you can leave the chart record in your inventory too if you prefer.

Q: Why doesn’t the start or finish date save when I edit a Journal item?
A: After you tap the date field and view the date picker, change the day, month or year.  You should see the new date update in the field.

Q: I don’t see the designer I need for my Journal (or chart inventory) entry.  Can I add a designer?
A: There’s currently no way for users to add a designer.  We regularly add new designers to the app and users can submit recommended designers right from the app (via the Settings screen).  Until your specific designer is available, you can use the “Miscellaneous” designer.  You can also email your designer recommendations to


Q: How do I enter custom threads or threads that aren’t available in the app?
A: We regularly add new thread lines and happily accept recommendations for new threads.  Please email us at to request new threads.  We’re also looking at adding the ability to create custom threads.


Q: Can I store Mill Hill beads, charms or other embellishments in the app?
A: The app doesn’t currently support embellishments, but this is our #1 requested feature.  We plan to add this functionality in an upcoming release.

Q: Does the list of chart designers include magazines?
A: Yes.  We have several magazines in the designer list and we’re happy to add new ones.  You can recommend new designers and magazines from the Settings screen within the app.

Shopping List

Q: How do I edit items on my shopping list?
A: The app doesn’t support editing existing items.  Please add a new item with the updated information and then delete the old item.

Q: Can I create shopping list entries automatically from my inventory items?
A: Absolutely.  For threads, open the thread you want to add to the shopping list and then tap the shopping cart.  For linen, open and then edit the linen you want to add.  Tap the shopping cart.


Q: Does the app work when I’m not connected to the Internet?
A: Partially.  The app automatically downloads your data to your device as you view it.  If you lose connectivity, you can normally view your data  You can’t make any changes to data while you’re disconnected.

Q: I have a new device.  How do I copy all my data to the new device?
A: The app stores all data in the cloud.  This means you don’t have to copy data to your devices.  Simply login to each device with the same email/password.

Q: I made changes on my iPhone but the changes aren’t showing on my iPad (or vice-versa).  How do I get the devices in sync?
A: Since your data is in the cloud, your data should automatically stay in sync across your devices.  Sometimes, network glitches can cause a device to not show the latest info.  To correct this, the best thing to do is a data refresh.  Data refreshes can be done on most screens by pulling down (press the screen, swipe down and then release).  If this doesn’t work, you can sign out and back in.  This forces a data refresh too.

Q: I own the app on my iPhone, but I recently switched to an Android phone .  How do I get my data on my Android phone?
A: There are three versions of the app: Apple (iOS), Android, and Kindle.  Since your data is stored in the cloud, you can view and edit information from any device running one of these operating systems.  Simply login with the same email and password to access your data.  Please note that you have to purchase the iOS, Android and Kindle versions separately.


Q: I own the Android version of the app. Do I need to purchase the Apple (iOS) version to use it on my iPad or the Kindle version to use on my Kindle Fire?  Does data still sync when my devices are so different?
A: Yes, you have to purchase the app for each platform you want to use it on.  It takes a significant amount of time and effort to develop and maintain apps on multiple platforms.  Each app is unique and has to be built and maintained to work correctly on each platform.  All three versions of the app (Apple, Android and Kindle) use the same cloud backend so all your data syncs automatically — even when you’re using different types of devices.

Q: Do you offer in-app purchases?
A: Yes.  The Android version of the app allows you to purchase photo credits.  Photo credits allow you to add photos to chart inventory.  To purchase photo credits, select Settings from the menu and then tap Buy Photo Credits.

Q: Why can’t I purchase or use photo credits on my Apple (iOS) and Kindle devices?
A: There are some technical complexities that make it difficult to implement this feature on Apple and Kindle.  As the platforms and our app evolves, we hope this functionality will become feasible.


Q: My counts on the home screen aren’t correct.  How do I get the counts corrected?
A: Network glitches sometimes cause the journal and inventory counts to get slightly out of sync.  Please email us at and we can correct the counts for you.

Q: How do I reports bugs, make suggestions, or get additional help with the app?
A: We do our best to squash bugs quickly but we always seem to miss a few :-).  We welcome your bug reports, suggestions and any other feedback you’d like to provide.  We’re also happy to provide help if you have questions about how the app works.  You can email us at or you can contact us via FaceBook at