XStitch Plus for iOS Released

We’re happy to announce that XStitch Plus for iOS is now available on the App Store.  This brand new app includes great features like embellishment tracking (Mill Hill beads are pre-loaded), custom threads, fabric calculator and the ability to multiple photos for journal entries, chart entries and embellishment entries.  The app is free to download and you can try out all the features for 7-days.  After the trial period is over, tap the subscribe button to have full access to all the app features.  Since all your data is stored in the cloud, you can access information from all your iOS devices without any retyping.  Also, if you entered all your data into the original app (X-Stitch App), it’ll all be there in X-Stitch Plus.  Just login with the same email and password that you use for X-Stitch App.

View X-Stitch Plus on the App Store here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/xstitch-plus/id1281394467?ls=1&mt=8

2 thoughts on “XStitch Plus for iOS Released

  1. Joanne Yendle

    I already have the x-stitch app. Is there a way to transfer data to x-stitch plus? Love the old app and looking forward to getting the new one—especially neatnto allow multiple photos per journal entry etc.

    • xstitch Post author

      Hi Joanne – simply login with the same email and password and all your data will be there. No need to reenter data.


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