Valdani & Caron Collection Threads Added

We just added over 2,000 new threads to X-Stitch! The Valdani and Caron Collection threads are now available for X-Stitch users to add to their inventory. Since thread lines are stored in the cloud, no download required. You should see the new thread lines the next time you open the app.


2 thoughts on “Valdani & Caron Collection Threads Added

  1. Gabriele

    Thanks for adding the Caron Collection. I did a quick inventory of Soie Cristale on a spread sheet yesterday morning, which I transferred to your app in the evening, when I learned about the update, and did the same with Waterlilies.
    Thank you so much,


  2. kaylyn

    can you please add a miscellaneous section in the threads for etsy hand dyed threads or add yarnplayer in

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